"A network for connecting fermented foods to health status and social well being"


  • Genesis
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Objectives
  • Goals
  •                  • To become a strong and active network of scientists and others who are interested in fermented foods.

     • To promote advanced research and higher education in fermentation as a sustainable food processing technology.

     • To promote development of fermented functional foods by developing collaborative network projects.

     • To have a server for maintaining a website of the network with provision for interactive communication between the members.

     • To establish and maintain an up-to-date data base on fermented foods of south Asia for information retreival.

     • To produce and publish a quarterly journal carrying scientific articles on fermented functional foods.

     • To own a model laboratory accredited not only to do research and development of fermented functional foods but also to scientifically test and document the data necessary/required to assert the positive effects in support of the health claims.

     • To own a model production facility for producing and marketing fermented functional food products developed by its members and/or other stakeholders.



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